Guess The Breed Contest!

We welcome everyone to our first “Guess the Breed!” Contest post where you guess the breed and we announce it later on. If you aren’t already educated on our “Guess the Breed!” Contest post then let us tell you more.

In our original post, Thank You, we had announced that we were going to start a “Guess the Breed” Contest every Monday and on Friday we would announce a winner. It is all really, quite simple. We will list at least 4 facts about a breed of dog and you have to guess the breed! If you can’t get it within a certain amount of time then I will come in and give you a hint fact which will be a very well known fact about the breed. On Friday we will announce the winners, along with a photo of their pet. We will include the breed of the dog and add any additional information that we feel we need to share.

Note- Once you have made your guess make sure to email us a photo of your pet (all pets allowed!) at


Now lets start the guessing!


  • This breed of dog is the 6th most popular dog in America, even though, in LA these dogs are the #1 breed according to the AKC.
  • These dogs are one of the most popular mascots for universities and sports teams.
  • These dogs originated in England dating back to the 16th century.
  • This breed of dog can live up to at least 10-15 years.


Thanks for checking out our new post! If you have a guess or question please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

All pets are welcome!



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