Thank you!

Thank you all for all the followers, likes and helping hands! I really appreciate it all and so do Tula and Momar, so we want to give you something in trade! Tula and Momar are going to post up at least one post with a photo of a breed of dog in it and then we’ll give a small description of the breed and then you have to guess it in the comments! Whoever gets the breed right is pet of the day!

Everybody who is interested please tell me your pets names so that way I can name your pet pet of the day otherwise you can’t participate if I don’t have your pets name. You can also like the post to participate so if you just like it and you don’t want to be included please let me know in the comments. The guessing will begin Monday and end Friday so get ready!


Thank you everyone!

Tula and Momar


Note: After thinking about it, we’ve decided to change our Pet of The Day Contest into a Pet of The Week Contest. Every Monday we will post a list of facts that describe one breed of dog. Some of the facts you may know, some may be new to you. All you have to do to get your pet featured, is correctly Guess the Breed! To find out if you got it right, and if you email us a pic of your pet (, just check back on Friday! All winners will have their pets featured as a Pet of The Week.

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