Fun Weekend

Hi everyone! This is Momar. I just wanted to let all of you know that I am going to have a great weekend! I heard earlier last week about something my owners called “Spring break” and now I realize that when they say that word means something really amazing since my owners get really happy when they talk about it. I also discovered that the word “pool” is back and being used again. I remember one time when I had a bad experience with a pool. But luckily I don’t think I’m going in it. My owners think it’s a joy, the word “pool” but I do not know why. I try and try to ask them these questions but my little yip is like nothing to them and they just ignore me or say “no” or “stop”. I wish I understood them better. Tula always says to me that it’s okay if we don’t understand the humans but I think we need to because they are trying and trying to get through to us. I wish we could talk so we could ask our owners questions and get to know why almost everything is always so peaceful, loving and joyful and very little things are sad but if we could talk we would not be left out from all the human things like carnivals and really good smelling places.

Well… Lets get on with the rest of my post for once!


Hi everyone! This is Tula speaking. Sorry about that little ball of fluffy nonsense over there (no offense Momar). Momar needs to learn how to have better and well behaved manners for me. I don’t think we need to hear what our humans say to us because if we needed to hear what they were saying to us then why were we made like this? I mean, if we needed to really really understand then we would be made to understand them, wouldn’t we? I am always just hearing nonsense from people but I don’t care, unlike Momar over there. He just has a different perspective on things so why would I blame him? After all, I’m his protector, why would I want to hurt him in anyway? He didn’t do anything. He told me a short something something awhile ago and I wanted to share it with everyone, okay? Well, here goes.


“Tula, what do you think about people?” Momar asked me. I said “I think people just want to get through to us just like you think but I think that they don’t particularly really need to get through to us but it’s more like they want to get through to us.” There was a short pause and then Momar shouted out all of a sudden “Why? Why do you think this? I think they need to get through to us!!” I said “Calm down Momar, calm down. That’s just my perspective on things and you just have a different perspective than me and that’s totally okay but I just want to let you know there is no reason to get mad or upset about that, okay?” Momar said “Okay, but I have one question.” “What is that?” I asked. “What is a perspective?”


And sadly I was never able to answer that. Look below for a follow up on that subject. What do you think about that? Do you think you could tell me in the comments what you think about that?


If you want to help Momar out then you can post in the comments what perspective means…


Thanks for reading!                                                                                                                               Momar and Tula


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