New House and New Bed

New house, new bed! Now we know what our dogs feel when we move, worry free! They also got a great reward for making the move so easy… A AMAZING new bed!! It’s quite cozy and they love it outside on their new, sunny, and warm porch! Momar is still getting used to the screen door, since when we walked in the front door of the new house, the screen was closing the patio door off and head first Momar walked right into it! Luckily the door wasn’t closed and just the screen was closed… But if you check out the photos I took of them it’s cuter than you think!!

Momar’s waiting for something good to eat!! 🐶❤

Momar chilling in the sun ☀️☺️❤!!

Momar’s thinking about all the good times he’ll have in his brand new bed!! 🐶❤

“Yawn… Hey, wait a minute! What are you doing taking photos of me?! I’m just trying to get calm after that big move that happened today. My owners think I’m okay with moving but I really don’t understand what the heck is going on and I get cuckoo for coco puffs!! I wish I understood what was going on better… Yawn…. I’m going to hand this back over to Tula now, my fur sister, bye everyone!”

“Yawn… It’s okay, don’t mind getting photos taken of me unlike my crazy brother over there. wish he understood better and I wish I understood better as well but you don’t really have to, do you?? Well anyway…Yawn… I’m handing this back over to my brother so he can say bye. Thanks for reading. Please read more next time! Tula.”

So… Hey, what’s going on over there?? Is that a bird, OR maybe it’s a cat. Cat! Cat! Cat!… Sorry about that everyone, it turned out it was just one of my owners moving around. Anyway, I’ll talk to you all next time and thanks for viewing! Momar and Tula!!”


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