Guinea Pigs

Hi again everyone!

We are helping support the MHS by trying to help them adopt out 2 loving GP’s named Snicker and Doodle. They are both very loving souls and we also have 2 pigs our self named Ben and Sugar. Pigs are very relaxing but at times also hard to take care of but they love that they are able to be in nice and very loving homes with us. Snicker and Doodle have a small backround story of being lost and found pigs but then being brought in since they were so captive within being cared for by humans. They were not able to survive on their own and something needed to be done. When we recently when to a MHS day camp they told us about these pigs and we immediately wanted to help them get adopted. They are still looking for a loving home and we thought we should share it with the whole community. If you know of anyone looking for a Guinea Pig please let them know about these beloved Guinea Pigs and tell them to try to adopt through a local and loving non-kill animal shelter.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                  Momar, Quinlyn and me!




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