Tula and Momar update

Hi everyone!

Tula’s neck is all healed up and she is going back to agility this weekend. There is a Dog Park near by with a old mini wood Agility set that all local dogs can use for free. Tula is the only one who knows how to do it but Momar mostly watches. He will sniff it and jump up on the bench sometimes but other than that he doesn’t do any of the course. There are a few jumps, a thing that the dogs run up and walk across then come down, a small bench they run across, a box they get on and then jump off the top, a thing they climb up and go down, a few jumps and a circle they jump through. Momar is also doing great and is at a point that he is not barking at dogs anymore or trying to bite dogs. He is at a great goal and we are currently trying to reinforce more positive and amazing behaivors and accomplishments from our little handsome man. We are also currently socializing him with strangers and all people as well.




Thanks for visiting our loving page about all worldwide animals!

Tula, Momar and me!


One thought on “Tula and Momar update

  1. Tula is very sweet. She is taking a little break in agility but we will try to put as many updates as possible on here. I am currently using a computer so I do not have any photos of her at the moment but will be happy to post a update with a photo her and Momar tomorrow as soon as I can. Thanks for viewing my page, I LOVE PETS! Quinlyn, Cracker, Cookie and Sparkles. Sparkles is my Beta fish and Cracker and Cookie are my 2 pet rats. They are very cute. I will talk more about them soon. Thanks for reading!

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