Cavy’s for us and for you!

Hi everyone,

We got some new Cavy’s! They are very loving and very friendly. We got them at Petco and they are still a few months old so they are still gonna grow alot more. We went to the Marin Humane Society this week on my Monday off of school and we saw 5 or more pigs up for adoption. You should adopt a pig from there. They are looking for homes for these wonderful pigs who¬†should be able to fit into your lifestyle. We decided to help the Marin Humane Society with adopting out the wonderful pigs. We understand that if you have a pet dog or cat, like most of you here, than you don’t have to get a low to the grund cage but if you do then you can put it up on a shelf or on a nearby table where you must keep an eye on them at all times if you dont have a baby gate to keep your dog separtatd from the beloved pigs. Since the death of our hamster we have always had our pigs. Sugar can at times be scared of people but he is the younger one (probably). When you get 2 pigs it can be hard for one to get the least amount of hugs and kisses but when the other one gets out more, our Ben, he can be more social.