Our Hamster, Hammy Davis Jr.

Our little cage dwelling buddy sadly passed away one night after his last sip of water. He was a blast!  He was happy to be able to have us as his family. He was a loving and gentle Hamster even though he didn’t let us get him out he had a good time when we put him in the ball. He loved his wheel and all his cages and he was a lucky hamster since he got lots of treats and tubes and he was happy enough to accept these wonderful gifts. He played around with his toys and he chewed on his yummy treats that he loved. He spent most of the day sleeping in his Tiny Hamster house. Even though he was a escape artist we were able to hold him with gloves on so he did not bite us. He liked to run around in the bathtub with me when he felt comfortable enough to come out of his cage. He also liked his food dish full of yummy treats and goodies and went for it whenever he was hungry. Night was day and day was night. He had to be able to share his name with almost everyone I know so I helped him out by sharing it with more people than I thought. Everyone loved his name and so did we.  When I told my teachers they would really laugh! 🙂 🙂              I’ll add his old photos one by one each day so you can see more about him. If you’d like I’d also be happy for you to share you’re dogs photo with me in the comment section. Thanks everyone!
Please unlike if you liked this. Sorry but I just don’t want likes on something so sad like this. I was very very sad after Hammy died and I don’t want people to like the post about it. Again, please unlike this post if you liked it.



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