Tula and Momar check in

This is Tula talking here!


If you are wondering how I am doing you are right on your guess indeed because I am happy! I was able to go on a hike a few days ago and I’d love to go out again. I need some advice on what is going on with my brother Momar as well so I am passing over the writing to him.


Hello Everyone! I am Momar! I would like to say how I am feeling today.

A few days ago I went on a hike with my fur sister, Tula. I need some news on when I am going to go on a hike again with her because I had a pretty good time that day and I really need to know the plans/schedule for my walks and how hard they are going to be. Well that is all I have to say so I am passing the writing back over to my sister now but keep in touch.


Hi again everyone! So that would be all for today but we have a challenge for everyone that will go on for 2 weeks. We would like everyone with a female dog use Tula’s story to start of with and then mix it up to describe your dog but like I said use Tula’s story to start off with and the same thing for male dogs but start off with Momar’s story instead. You can comment below if you have 2 dogs and I’ll explain to you how to do it.


We are also starting something new where we check in every other week about how we are doing so stay in touch.


Tula and Momar



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