Tula’s Training cues and a little bit about her

Me and Tula have decided to start doing some hard training lessons starting off with about 2 basic commands. On this post you can find out how to train your dogs and then you can comment below to give us your updates and if you need help you can do the same. After you read the post below you will see that everyone can teach there dog.


clicker training (I found out that my dog likes to search for sounds so I picked the clicker. Her training will start next week.)

  1. sit
  2. down
  3. stay
  4. come
  5. heel
  6. by me
  7. paw


Always make sure that you train your dog with positive reinforcement otherwise nobody will learn anything, including yourself. You can look up ” ways to train in a positive reinforcement way ” for more info on positive reinforcement training.


Tula-mix-6 years old-likes pillows as beds-horse hoofs (you can find these at your local pet store)-all treats