Hamster fun

Below is a list of what my hamster does:

1. wheel running- you can attach this wheel thing to hamster and rodent cages
2. eat food and treats- scatter treats and put ordinary food in plastic or glass bowl.
3.ball- lets your hamster run around the house contained in a plastic ball like container.
4. playing in tubes- playing in tubes is kind of what a play ground is to a rodent
5.time to time running lose in a bath tub- this is also a way for a rodent to get out its energy free roam and safe from its own kind and bigger things then it’s self.

Also to be aware rodents are really hard to take care of. You at least of to clean out there small cage and get a few hiding places and fun items to work out in and also to sleep or rest in. Hamsters are much different then other types of rodents and dogs and other animals but you still need to make sure they get out and are able to run around the house in a plastic ball looking container.




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