My Hamster

Hi everyone!

I come to think about it my hamster is adorable. As I write this
post he is sleeping in his cage. He also loves to get out in the 
ball when he is in the mood for it. He also loves to hang out with me. 

He had to be covered up the other night because he gets cold other wise ( it is like a jacket 
or sweater to him and his whole cage. I would love to show him to 
each and everyone of you guys but I don't want this to be shown to your cats Bongo ( they might think it is dinner time. I love all my pets ( Momar, Tula and Hammie Davis
Jr. ) I am sad that he is getting bigger. When we got him his butt hanged down. I hope he feels fine in his cage. He is a good little hamster. I would love to pick him up and hold him but he bites and he never lets go of his heavy duty tricks. He is only 1/2 a ounce
and 2 years old to be exact.

I started a story about my hamster this morning. I was going to
give it to him when I was done with it.

Thank you for checking out all 3 of my blog pages,
Tula, Quinlyn, Momar and Hammie

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