New years present

Hi everyone!

I’m getting a pet rat for a new years present. I love to hang out with all types of pocket pets but I wish I could have 300 mice instead.

I still think that rats are cool anyway. They can do much more than mice is what I found out already online. My 3 pets at home will ad up to a extra pet in the summer. My 2 dogs can’t go around them but I just hope my 3rd pet ( a hamster ) like the rats.

I do also know that it will be hard to take on a pocket pet so cute but you still do not like it’s tail. They have a very flexible tail but it is still bare and very, very long. there tails are really supposed to help them survive in the wild an another way for them to catch there food sometimes when it gets up high. My rats are going to be the best thing I ever wished for. I will never, ever leave my rat alone at the house. I will always bring it with me.

I am still looking for a rat that I would like and I think we are going to get one at a pet store. We think we might go to pet arcade to get our sweet little thing. We will also have to get a cage and the supplies we need to take care of it and things like that. Our rat will love to get out of it’s cage so we will get a small set up but still with a big tube system. We will also keep our rat secured in one room to make sure he does not get out, we don’t sit on him or he gets hurt in anyway. We will definitely keep a sharp eye on him though. He will be a young rat but weened, we will also make sure he has all his shots and he or she has been neutered or spayed.


Thanks for checking out my 3 pages including this one,

Momar and Tula


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