The last holiday of the year

The last holiday of the year is the one you choose. Some of you do not do one holiday buts that’s your choice and we will choose whats right for us.


Some belive in santa, others belive in other things.

Santa is very proud and puts presents under the tree each year and the other holidays just get presents from friends, family and others in your family tree. Every holiday is fun but with a little joy if your sad when the water turns to ice get a belly rub and run the holiday till you are happy as can be. All this means is have a great time and a Mary or Chaun new year. I do not want to metion this at all but Am a Mary lover and I do not turn around to mess with Chaun lovers but do not worry because I still like you bongo.


Every one please follow this blog and also my other 3!

Thanks so much for all your help and your wonderful, cute, grateful and helpful questions, likes and comments! Momar and Tula are waiting for you to join the group of dogs! (MUST BE A ANIMAL LOVER IN ORDER TO LIKE OR FOLLOW!)


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