Dogs are family to. Treat them like that. Never ever put them in dog jail. Dogs out there, free and happy as can be. Everyone can be part of a family and that’s all our dogs are trying to ask for. Sometimes our pets might get lost or run away but it is the same thing they’re trying to ask for. If they get what they wish they could be more happy than ever. Our pets seem so special but their really hard to understand sometimes. The only problem is nobody knows how pets turned into pets.

Below we will talk a little bit about pets becoming our family. Hold on to your fur because after this you will all love your pet even more.


Our animals on earth were getting low in population and people took them in to regrow the population of animals. People also were trying to solve one tiny problem, how to secure the crazy animals. Then cages, collars, leashes and more were added to the group. Now whenever you see a animal you always think them as cute as they are and this is because we still just can not stop wanting to adopt pets because we want to make a bigger population of animals in the world. Now we haven’t quite noticed it yet but when you don’t spay or neuter your pets then there will be to MANY animals in the world. Our dogs, cats and other pets will be in the line at your usual vet clinic. Remember  pets are family to so take care of them and do not let the population of pets get any bigger than it is now.

Thank you each and every 4-legged pals and the owners before them for reading,                                                                                                                                  Tula, Momar and Hammie Davis Jr.


Dog book training program


Hello everybody. I copied this from a website that tells you some facts about your dog and whats the ideal way to care for your dog. You might not like this Herman but I know you will like it bongo.




Bonus Book # 4….Follow my Respect Training Program and your dog will look right at you, listen to your words, and do what you say. I’ll show you how to teach all the vocabulary words your dog needs to know, plus calmness, gentleness, acceptance of being handled, obedience training, and much more. For puppies and adult dogs of all ages.

The last holiday of the year

The last holiday of the year is the one you choose. Some of you do not do one holiday buts that’s your choice and we will choose whats right for us.


Some belive in santa, others belive in other things.

Santa is very proud and puts presents under the tree each year and the other holidays just get presents from friends, family and others in your family tree. Every holiday is fun but with a little joy if your sad when the water turns to ice get a belly rub and run the holiday till you are happy as can be. All this means is have a great time and a Mary or Chaun new year. I do not want to metion this at all but Am a Mary lover and I do not turn around to mess with Chaun lovers but do not worry because I still like you bongo.


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