New Dog Buddie

We will have some new photos Today from our new Doggy friend, Lulu. She is told to be very sweet and loving. I hope that she loves her walks and I also hope she is ready for a big outing! Everybody give cheers to this little one to come out of her shell and notice that we are very friendly and we also hope that she thinks she in good hands and we are just like her loving and caring dog owners who almost do everything for her. I can’t wait to meet this little fur ball! I hope she won’t be so shy as lots of tiny dogs are shy. 🙂

More photos coming soon…



2 thoughts on “New Dog Buddie

  1. Cricket and Butterfly, I just met her and she was very shy when we first met her but she warmed up quickly. She also did pretty great with our dog Momar. What breed are Cricket and Butterfly? I also wish that Cricket and Butterfly where here so that they could also be in my stories to. I hope they also like my blog.

    Can you also tell Butterfly and Cricket that I think they are pretty adorable? I also like your post about dog tail signs. I will be with you on that Doggy tail sign mission. Hope you have a good Monday with Cricket and Butterfly. 🙂

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