The buddies did great today! Kismet, Archie and Willie did there big hike up to a surprise swing. I swang on it while willie played Fetch. He also had a amazing day and loved being petted and loved playing Fetch. We started to make a animal pack just for our doggie friends. Have you’ve ever been a dog pack leader of 3 pups, well this is how our adventure started with our pup friends.



Willie is a big time ball lover and will be a sneaker if you do not keep a eye on him, he is just a old but foolish fellow and will pose only for a old time game of fetch. Take William with you and you will have a excited fellow at your side, if you happen to bring along his other foolish buddies then take them out on a hike by your side, compact pups all need a chance to have the comfort to have a lovely peace of mind on a hike/walk that takes it down to a nice shady content fort where you can play fetch and enjoy watching your partner climb into a cozy spot made just for her, a swing of course. Stand up to the little and big dogs and to the last happiest place built just for a pup of your own who can sit in a tree where the branches hang low but there stands a hammock for just your pup and you, put a dog bed or a towel down on the comfy hammock and let your dog sit in it like a comfy fury bed just for him. 🙂


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