how our morning went

we had a fun morning today! we took Tula and Momar out for there daily walk and got these great photos. Hope you had a good day too.
Momarandtulaontheredailywalklooks like there is a good smell right there!

Tula on her walklooks likes Tula likes to enjoy the bright sun light!





looks like Tula is at her bathroom break area!




Lost dog in Scott Valley. Carry some yummy treats with you and a leash. He likes to hide and he is very scared of strangers. He has been lost for a week and has not been seen by anybody, only two people have seen him in Scott Valley in CA.

I am sad to say but samson has been eaten and nobody declares anything else.

Buddies 3

I did not see the buddies today, but I think today I have another story to tell about some other kinds of friendships! I love these angels of mine and of course you know a couple, but those we don’t walk anymore.




We will get started with a really important dog, Lucy is first


Loving pups are going to bring lots of joy into your soul and heart! They search for the perfect family and tell themselves if they want to be adopted or not, They might tell you by fighting or howling by themselves and you will leave them behind and they will be relived. 🙂

don’t you wonder what will come up next little doggies, I will not tell you what will happen little ones. The truth is not very good for you to hear because you’re going to a new home, where your going to be safe and sound!










we went to a boarding place called Tappen Hill boarding for dogs and picked up some dogs that we walk. There names are Archie, Kismet and Wille the group of dogs. 






kis and arch

Archie is the brown one and kismet is the white old vizsla, he is 15 and Archie is 9.

drinking water

Archie and Kismet



Tula just had her birthday on July 4th and now she is 5. She’s been loving us many years and she is a very sweet pup in a cup! I love our little momar and to my surprise he has been growing up very fast and often getting heavier!!








Dogs on beach-3 dogDSC_6116 dog-on-beach securedownload (3) tula and mochi mochi2 mochi3 mochincar2 mochincar mochi4






PS. momar is doing well and has many nice pup adventures. He always likes to sleep under the covers every time we go to sleep or just resting in the bed! Momar is also very sweet, adorable and cuddly!







adopting a new dog

Dogs are adorable! they think people are there loving owner in some kind of way but you must think about getting a dog before you want to play with a pup and want to go see if it is a match just for you and your other dogs. You must see I really like dogs in all kinds of ways, I love any kind of dogs even very old dogs who are mellow and sleep on the couch all day and might be very hungry alot and might want alot of food 9 times. All dogs say think you to you when you adopt them but you always have to make sure you can take a dog with you and as you know old dogs are mellow and younger dogs are hyper.