Tula’s Superhero Friends!

Tula and her dog superhero friends hike together and play together! They do hikes too. Woody is one of them. Sometimes he has sleepovers with Tula. and Faith is to. We take Woody on hikes and Faith to. We will make treats for both dogs! We will make a coat for Woody and for Faith.

Here are pics of both dogs —


This is Faith. She is sweet. She is Tula’s BFF. They like to run around at the park. she is very cute. I thank she is a Malamute or Husky mix. We walk her and Tula on the trail. In this pic she is laying down. She is very,very cute.







IMG_5220                                          IMG_5183

This is Woody. He is 10 and he is a Lab. He is Tula’s best friend. We take them on hikes in Marin and one time he came over for a sleepover with us!


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