leo and bella


today I went too visit Bella again and we had too drop off Leo yesterday


Tula’s story (and a really cute cat pic)!


When we got Tula she was 3 months old. We got Tula from the MHS. After that we took her home and she lived with us and when we had her then we had Ravi and we did not have are fish or hamster yet. All we had was the cat and the dog. And then we moved and  we found a little dog that was lost and we named him Smith and took him home but he found a home at the MHS. After that we found corte Madera and we got Fowers and then we got Iris then after that we got Jack and then we awhile we got hammy! But you know that Hammy isjust a nick name… his real name is Rainbow roses


(and this is a really cute cat)